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07-31-2011, 10:58 AM
For all the talk of how season 4 should have been pushed back, there was a fairly large wave of "where is the new content?!!" posts this week, and i'm sure next week, and every week after that until s4 FEs actually hit. Unfortunately who knows where that will be.

I don't think Cryptic fixing every reported player bug is a critical issue, although they definitely missed some bad stuff, like the Foundry, queues, and the like. A funky walk cycle was an animation issue, I wouldn't even consider that a bug.

However, for all the defending of Cryptic I've done (mostly because I've been in the trenches as a game dev), I will say this: they need to get their s- together. The disconnection issues going on right now on July 31st need to be fixed. Foundry needs to be fixed. They've managed to fix most of the major issues from Season 4 but they definitely still have some pretty critical problems on their hands.