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# 1 Build change... or not?
07-31-2011, 11:26 AM
Hello fellow trekkies!

I fly a tactical in assault cruiser... yes it's true. Recently I noticed that now everyone now focus fire on those type of chars first. That's ok, I can live with it, but I'll need to change my build to try and get more survival (thanks season 4)

This worked very well in the past:

Ensign - Tactical Team I
Lt Tac. - FAW I, APB I
Lt Comm. Eng. - Eptw I, Eptw II, RSP II
Commander Eng. - Epts I, Epts II, Aux2Sif II, DEM III
Lt Sci - Sci team I, TSS II

Weapons: 6 Phaser Beams and 2 quantums.
Equipment: Borg engine, aegis deflector, aegis shield, borg console.
Consoles: 4 phaser relays, 1 induction stabilizer (for sci team), +7 weapon, Ablative armor. 35% shield cap, EPS. All blue/purple.

You guys probably are thinking: WHAT? 4 EM powers? lolwtfnoobgetspwned

My strategy is, if my team is good (or has a healer) I keep cycling Eptw so I can broadside always on full weapon power, this with a weapon battery + my tac buffs gets my beams on 800 damage almost all the time (even with FAW on). If not, I cycle my Epts + TSS for survival and keep RSP when a escort turns to me. DEM is amazing to up my dps too.

But, like I said, now I keep going down very quickly, season 4 really got my survability down... so I thought on changing to this:

Ensign - Tactical Team I
Lt Tac. - FAW I, APB I
Lt Comm. Eng. - Eptw I, RSP I, Eng. Team III
Commander Eng. - Epts I, Aux2Sif I, Epts III, DEM III
Lt Sci - Sci team I, HE II

Weapons: Considering changing to antiproton instead of phasers. Viable?
Equipment: Same.
Consoles: Change to whatever boost the powers above.

Using Eng, Sci, and Tac teams puts them all on shared cooldown, and I can't give up DEM 3 and Sci team... just too valuable for PVP. Would it still work?

Thanks in advance.