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Originally Posted by CoreyTaylor View Post
This worked very well in the past:

Ensign - Tactical Team I
Lt Tac. - FAW I, APB I
Lt Comm. Eng. - Eptw I, Eptw II, RSP II
Commander Eng. - Epts I, Epts II, Aux2Sif II, DEM III
Lt Sci - Sci team I, TSS II

Weapons: 6 Phaser Beams and 2 quantums.
Equipment: Borg engine, aegis deflector, aegis shield, borg console.
Consoles: 4 phaser relays, 1 induction stabilizer (for sci team), +7 weapon, Ablative armor. 35% shield cap, EPS. All blue/purple.

But, like I said, now I keep going down very quickly, season 4 really got my survability down... so I thought on changing to this:

Ensign - Tactical Team I
Lt Tac. - FAW I, APB I
Lt Comm. Eng. - Eptw I, RSP I, Eng. Team III
Commander Eng. - Epts I, Aux2Sif I, Epts III, DEM III
Lt Sci - Sci team I, HE II

Weapons: Considering changing to antiproton instead of phasers. Viable?
Equipment: Same.
Consoles: Change to whatever boost the powers above.
Honestly IMO anyway you are falling into the trap that many tac cruisers fall into. How do you plan to kill anyone ? You have a whole bunch of heals.... and one DEM 3 which is not all that great and has a 1:30 cool down. "The best form of defense is attack."- Karl von Clausewitz

Dump the FAW.... even when it was OP it was cheese... and honestly pointless against anyone but noobs. If you are going to run a Torp replace it with HY 1. HY 1 is the best torp skill in the game and a tac can hit one copy of every 15 seconds with tac init. Stick with Phasers, Pha > then everything else.

DUMP the RSP.... it is not going to help you.
DUMP the EPTW... 1... replace it with Engines. This will let you move if a escort decides hes going to drop a facing and beat you up.
Engi Team 3... unless you are playing a heal cruiser is silly get rid of that and put a Engi team 2 in.
EPTS 3... not needed unless you are really bad... that slot should have dmg in it run EPTS 2 you really won't notice much diffrence run at least one EPS so you can switch to Shield power if you are really in trouble.

Anyway here is one option you should try out

Tac Team 1
HY 1 Beta 1 (Delta 1 if you think you need the defense)
EPTE 1 - Engi Team 2 - Aux to Damp 2 - Eject Warp Plasma 3
Engi Team 1 - EPTS 2 - DEM 2 (Or Eject Warp 1 they stack extemly well)
tractor beam 1 - Transfer Shield Strength 2

Power Settings
W - 100
S - 25
E - 40
A - 35
Thats right don't run with tons of power in shields. lol Run 1 or 2 EPS units and switch to a full shield power setting... or switch to aux and hit TSS 2.

Hazard Emitters is nice but you simply don't have the room for it get rid of it for Transfer shield strength you won't regret that.... use your sci slot for a tractor... combo EWP and tractor beams to kill defense... that with a beta might make you do some dmg. Use aux to damp instead of aux to sif.. I pop cruisers all the time cause there slow fat targets that can't turn a facing, they are easy to stop and kill what ever defense they have.
Aux to Damp makes you immune to shockwaves and gravity wells... and gives you a very good turn boost.
If you are taking too much dmg don't sit there and take it... hit EPTE and Aux to Damp turn tractor lay the pee and ruin someones day.

PS... in that second lt comander slot... instead of DEM 2 or EWP 1... try out a boarding party 2... I know almost everyone runs a tac team... but if you have some one tractored and stuck in your plasma, it is very funny to lauch them on them when you see them pop a SCI or Engi team. the Boarding Party disables with a phaser proc could mean a quick kill. Keep it on a spare officer though... if its all sci and GWs and such its pointless to use it.