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07-31-2011, 02:19 PM
Originally Posted by CoreyTaylor View Post
Great idea, never thought of it that way.. I'll definantly try out that build and power setting. Thanks!

But how about equipment, switch to full borg set or is aegis+borg still good? Also, wouldn't I miss the Eptw when broadsiding?
If you are running 2 torps and not using FAW you won't miss the EPTW, no. All it does for you is a very short 5sec dmg boost... and pump your power up. If your already at close to 125 power is shouldn't be an issue.

The Borg set seems pretty OP right now if you can get it go for it. I still like the Aegis, but I would probaly drop the shield run the engine and the deflector for the little extra power and the +10 defense is nice. The reactive shielding is great on an escort that doesn't really have the room to always run armour. On your ship run a Neutronium, and one of what ever else you like The +35 phaser is a good choice, keep a Mono one for the + to kinetic for when the dumb peng peng ships are around.

I did a quick spec for you... I speced into hazard systems only cause its still nice to have the option to put a Hazard 1 in and have it do something. 8589666c386zv999_3_0----_1---92-_2---_3---_4---@0

When you copy and paste that it wants to put a space in the number sequence delete that or it will be telling you to spec sensor probes. LOL