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# 1 Deferi Dailies Done RIGHT!
07-31-2011, 05:15 PM
Now that the Emancipation daily is fixed, I though I'd finally post this here guide. It's a guide for NON-VA/Lt.G, on how to get the most bang for their buck. This will DRASTICALLY cut down completion time, and hey; you may just wind up with a few hundred extra skill points. Most of this guide uses KDF tactics, but a slick Federation character can pull it off just as well.

First off, let's cover TARGET PRIORITY. Breen ships are to be eliminated in order of firepower. If you see a Capital Ship (rare, but it happens), it goes FIRST. If not, your priority targets are the Chel Gret Cruisers. After that, take out whatever Plesh Brek frigates are in the area. Think of them as dessert, and the Chel Grets are your vegetables (I say that because everyone hates eating their veggies, and Chel Grets are a PAIN - unless you do it right).

Now that we've got THAT down, let me sum up BATTLE TACTICS. We'll break this down by class. When it comes to Capital Ships... they're a little bit of both of these.
Chel Gret Cruiser:
Strategy 1- Hard counter. Hard countering is basically tanking their powers. This is the easiest pill for Federations to swallow, because they lack the Cloaking devices that make the next strategy reliable. They can still pull it off, but it'll be harder. Hard countering REQUIRES Science Team, because what you're basically going to do is let him pop his Subnucleonic Beam and Energy Drain on you, then pop Sci Team and clear them. Also bring Engineering Team for his Target Shields.
Strategy 2- Arc Exploit. This is a strategy that's easy to pull of on the KDF side, both because of cloaks and generally superior turn rates, but can be used by Feds if using Mask Energy Signature or, in a pinch, Jam Targeting Sensors. What you need to do is stay outside of firing range (or stay cloaked) until you can get behind the Cruiser. Then, close to about 2.5km and hammer his aft shields. It is imperative that you stay behind him, because it nullifies his Subnucleonic Bean, and a bit of his firepower.
Strategy 3- Deferi Decoy. This tactic can be pulled off if you warp in and a Chel Gret is fighting a Frigate. Get into weapons range, but let the Cruiser pop its Subnucleonic Beam and Energy Siphon on the Deferi. THEN save the Deferi. He has to wait on his cooldowns, so you don't need to sweat it. This strategy is only applicable in certain scenarios, for obvious reasons.

Plesh Brek Frigates:
There's only one real strategy to these, and that's just to BLOW THEM UP. Bring Polarize hull to hard-counter their Tractor Beams. They're allergic to Quantum Torpedoes, salvos will do well.

Now, there's just one more bit to cover: MISSION ORDER. I use a very specific order to the three missions. So... you just zoned into Orellius, eh? Head straight to the Kelvani Belt. Try to make sure you get the mission with the Mining Pods, NOT the Destroyed Facility. Destroyed Facility will do, but you lose out on a mini-mission.
~*After you've taken out all of the Breen in the Mining Facility, DON'T WARP OUT. Instead, there'll be a button that says "Mining Administrator". Click it. Hey, he has a mission, called "Ore for OUTPOST 3" (Not available on Destroyed Facility map). Fly near the mining place (where you fought that first party of Plesh Breks), and you'll get an Interact, "Transport Ore Shipment". Do it. You get "Deferi Ore Shipment". Once you have it in your inventory, warp out.
~*Most times, by now, the Breen Patrol (For Rescue Deferi Captives) is at the Kelvani Belt, or close by. Intercept it. If you don't diplomacy out of fighting, remember to STAY AFTER THE FIRST CRUISER. If you don't, you fail the mission. A Chel Gret and 2 Plesh Breks will warp in after a minute. Eliminate them. Contact Surah. That's your first batch of Skill Points.
~*Now go to Zaria. It should be right on your flight path to Outpost 3. Go in, beam down, and complete the objectives. BE CAREFUL. The last room can overwhelm you quickly if you're not careful. Contact Surah when you're done. You finished Emancipation! Second SP batch.
~*You're clear for Outpost 3. Head over, and complete whatever objective it gives you, then contact the Supply Depot. You'll auto-resolve Ore for Outpost 3. Third SP Batch. Now pick up "Outpost 3 Security". There's an accolade for completing this 10 times. The four satellites are at 4 points directly North, South, East, and West (roughly). There will be a patrol of Bleth Chaos fighters going from one to another. Avoid them, killing them is not necessary (especially since cloaked ships can use them as direction markers for the next satellite). At each satellite, there will be 5 Transphasic Mines. Destroy them, and repair each array. There's a chance that, when you're done, a Chel Gret (or a wing of Plesh Breks) will spawn. Killing them isn't necessary, but you can if you want. After you've done all 4, head back to the Supply Depot and get your fourth SP Batch. If you have loot that you don't want to sell on the exchange, the Depot is a merchant. When you're done, warp out.
~*Nearby, you should see a Deferi Patrol. Most times, they'll be between you and the Defera system. Go grab 'em, and Warp in. None of the scenarios are hard. Just follow target priority, and you'll be fine. When you're done, hail Surah again. This is your FIFTH, and last, batch of Skill Points.

Using this guide, you can spend less than 90 minutes in Deferi space, end up flying in basically a straight line down the Sector Block, and net easily 1500 skill points. That's it for this guide, see you out there; and remember: Keep your shields up.