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07-31-2011, 05:14 PM
Originally Posted by McCoy3773 View Post
Greeting's fellow Trekkies,

Just wondering the other night if Cryptic would be releasing more Original Series themed items in-game? (such as Original Series communicators, tricorders, etc)
A lot of stuff is in already. Unfortunately I am thinking that communicators and tricorders are back burnered. If even on the table.

Buy the TOS bundle and you get all the uniforms and can give phaser type 2 to your entire bridge crew. You can get phaser type 1 and phaser rifle from missions or mission replays.

Playing at LT level with the TOS Connie and bridge sets and uniforms and weapons is just kick butt. Wished I could do it to vice admiral.

Of course if your a roleplayer like I am it just gives you such geeky goodness that is better than a sugar high.