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07-31-2011, 08:36 PM
I definitely think you can make it work but with the current state of yoyo healing in the game I would recommend taking the torps. Though I would go quantum and just pretend they are plasma if it is that important to you. The simple fact is that torps will offer a much greater burst potential then another cannon will offer. It can take some practice with the timing of torps but it's worth the investment.

Now, with that being said you can still do great without a torp but for a different reason then you might think. That reason being is that without having to worry about "timing" torp hits you can focus a bit more on just piloting. I don't mean just which direction you are aiming etc. But rather the situational awareness of the fight. Looking for targets that might be isolated from their team, healers that just dumped their heals on someone, enemy escorts decloaking on your six, etc. Many people talk about situational awareness but it is someting entirely different to be good at it. If dropping the torp helps with this then it might be worth it for now.

Lastly, a lot has to do with the team or lack of one you find yourself with. The game is exponentially easier as an escort with good healers and you can do fine with almost any weapon loadout if you have them. Healers and Wizards are king in the game right now so remember that when you are considering your strategy as a tac/escort. My final bit of advice is the acronym KISS.......Keep It Simple Stupid.