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07-31-2011, 08:38 PM
Originally Posted by CoreyTaylor View Post
Ok then

I just tried out your ideas and OMG... thats much better than before. Speed really helps a lot, I was able to survive (except on a match against the spanish inquisition.. but those we already know ) much more and do a lot of damage with EWP, which goes around 20k damage with my tactical buffs

Many thanks again!
NP... lots of people waste all there best slots on heals. I like EPTS 3 and all... but 2 will get you by. Those lt. cmd slots are just 2 good to waste.
Glad you like it. I always found a cruiser that could move was a lot funner to play.
This might sound a bit crazy, and I have nothing against the cruiser or anything... but get good at motoring around in that thing dropping pee and popping torps into facings.... and you are going to have to at some point fly an escort. Honestly you can still run EPTS 2 (or damp with EPTS 1) and a TSS 2 + tac team to stay alive... you also get access to Attack Pattern Omega to make you zoom some more.

Have fun in the cruiser though.