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07-31-2011, 09:40 PM
Originally Posted by CoreyTaylor View Post
Actually I have a tac/escort, this one is for trying out something new...

I think the best tip you gave me is that the surviving isn't all about shields.. speed counts a lot.

I'm also considering slaping in a RCS console instead of the EPS console, since I don't get the chance to change power levels too much as they are very good now.
Ya experiment with what you like... try switching to aux for a few sec before you hit your aux to damp... at full aux if you speced into aux stuff you can get it up to like 230% turn rate. But if if you just push the power up 30 or 40 and switch back you will get a nice bump.

Honestly if your shields are staying up... try One EPS one Neut one RSC and one Shield booster. You don't really need 2 armour units that bad. heck try 2 RCS and see what happens... with a full aux damp I bet you spin around faster then some escorts. lol