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08-01-2011, 12:26 AM
I know this is a topic as old as PvP itself... rewards for PvP. Currently at the end of every match we get some EC, skill/BO points and so on. If we win or lose doesn't matter at all.

The problem with adding rewards is how to distribute them. Should the best healer get them or the one with the most damage? So some kind of ranking is as usual a problem. So why not give the reward to the winning team? Then it wouldn't matter who has done the most damage/healing because every one on the winning side would get something.

Now the question remains what type of reward should we get. Additional Marks/Emblems? Well if you ask me that's not really needed. EC/skill points the same. As soon as you have maxed out a char you don't need them anymore. Now what do we need at max lvl? Items (well at least I do ). So why not give every member of the winning team an item box like we get for the Foundry daily or Aid the planet missions. Sometimes you will have a good item sometimes not. As alternative you might let people choose between lvl aproppriate item and emblems.

Pro: A reward (no matter how small) for actually winning might persuade people to actually try to win a game and not remain at the spawn point or try to play Kirk. Also it might bring more people to PvP. All the other rewards you can get in PvE too but a random level appropriate item is more interesting (at least for me). Another point the influx of high level items might bring down the prizes on the exchange.

Con: PvEers might complain why we get such a reward while there is nothing comparable in PvE. Also while more PvErs try their luck the skilllevel of the players might go down in the short-time. Another problem is the farming of the reward. So you shouldn't be able to get it in private matches. Also you might see an increase of premades because of the new reward.

*scratches head* I think that's all for now. What do you think? Good idea or should I start to run from the pitchforks?