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08-01-2011, 12:52 AM
I use single cannons on an excelsior, but that only really work great because

1: Im tactical
2: I have a LtC slot for APB *and* CRF
3: Excel is quite a bit more manouvreble

Still - If youre tactical, it should work decently, but your damage will be lower than a Excelsior

Proposed setup:

4 Cannons
4 Turrets

Aegis Deflector
Borg Engine
Borg Shield

+35% shield - Shield regen console - Shield power console - EPS
Borg Console - Halon
Weapons Power

Tac Lt :TacTeam1 - CRF1
Tac Ens:TacTeam1

Eng Cdr : EP2W1 - EP2S2 - DEM2 - DEM3
Eng Cdr : EP2W1 - EP2S2 - ETeam3

Sci Lt : Polarize1 - TBR1

The Polarize protects you from tractors and the TBR is useful to keep people in front (I use it on a Kar'fi using cannons)