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08-01-2011, 02:05 AM
Originally Posted by MelineAaele View Post

Item Boxes = Aid the Planet = PvE Content

Item Rewards = Fleet Actions = PvE Content

They allready have it
i said they'd say they get nothing like it lol. you dont "win" at giving a planet aid(s) and honestly with the way the fa que's have been (along with the pvp ones) i can say that until its fixed it doesnt count (if its fixed then yes, by all means it counts)

the point i was making is pretty well stated by i think furque, look at the horrible feature episode rewards from the romulan series,

pvp community- we have a lot of spam to deal with in pvp matchs dev's, could you not stick anymore in and give all a good balance pass? please? mmmk

devs- whats that? they want more spam? -adds cloaking mines that'll stop a full engined star ship- thatll make those pve'rs happy... right?

pve'rs- YAY cool toys for us to kill an already easy to kill foe -much love-

pvp'rs- WTF!? -many facepalms and sad panda's all around-

at least... this is the way i think it happened. -historical acc. is not 100% accurate-