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Originally Posted by Sobekeus View Post
To add more substance to this thread, Ill put some generic stats for the Flagship regardless what the model is:

Lo'gaN Class Dreadnought

Special: Ramming Speed! - Dreadnought engages Full Impulse in a last ditch effort to destroy the enemy. While under RS buff conditions the ship is immune to speed altering effects, cannot maneuver, and will do kinetic damage to anything in its path equal to the current hull hp of the ship. The ship takes 40% of that damage back onto itself and damage has 50% shield penetration. If a ship is destroyed by RS and the Dread survives, 10% of the crew will be healed. 5 second duration, ship must be at or below 60% hull to initiate.

5 foreward weapons
4 aft weapons
33000 hull ?
9 turning ?
12 speed ?
1.5 Shield modifier
0.75 Shield regen modifier (yes, that is a 25% nerf to base regen)
3 devices
3 tac consoles
4 eng consoles
2 sci consoles

BO Tac - LCDR, LT, Ens
BO Sci - LT, Ens
Specs are good, but why another ramming speed?
We already have one.
Of course it feels familiar to have Tony Todd order "Ramming Speed!" to attack the Shadow Death cloud but even though he also played Kurn in Star Trek it becomes clear where you got the idea from.

I do have a counterproposal:
Ramming is usually emloyed in SF against something that's bigger than oneself because
1. It's too big to miss
2. It's too big to evade the ram
3. It's too big to damage any other way

Since the Klingon flagship will be either the biggest or the most advanced ship the KDF has it's more likely it will be rammed by a smaller enemy ship.

So my proposal is the opposite.
Give the ship "shield hardening" which is essentially a "brace for impact" for shields.
It diverts Aux into the shields to increase their resistance to a ramming attack.
The amount of Aux determines the time it lasts.
In addition since it can be combined with the Ramming the ship has anyway it would increase the chances of the flagship's survival.