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08-01-2011, 03:59 AM
First, thanks for using the Lo'gaN-class name; I think it could be very much deserved.

Back to concepting. Shields are for Romulans and the Federation. I think that if the KDF Flagship should have any particular special 'niche' skill, it should be akin to the Klingon's own remarkable resilience in combat; a ship-equivalent to their Brak'lul.

In another - sail-based - MMO, there's a Naval Officer skill called 'Final Defence'. This skill allows a ship to keep fighting for a duration, even with the hull at 0%. I counter-propose something similar for the KDF Flagship - the ship could be ablaze, in a condition that would destroy any other ship, but still fighting like a Klingon in the middle of warrior madness.

The practical side of this would be to give the player a rare chance to fight on while certain healing cooldowns came around. Obviously, this 'Brak'lul' skill would need an equally respectable recharge, considering the possibility of being able to fully heal during this last ditch situation, but it would make for one damn good tank when the chips are down.