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08-01-2011, 04:13 AM
Hmm, interesting idea.
I thought of shields since there was actually a Klingon involved in the metaphasic shield project in TNG:"Suspicions", Kurak who was also mentioned as the designer of the Negh'var in the novels and is also the constructor of the modern Raptor design.

Anyway your idea fits certain Klingon design aspects indeed.
The "Starship Spotter" mentions that a great improvement the K't#inga has over the old D7 model was its enhanced compartmentalization that allows the ship to withstand damage that would have utterly destroyed other ships.
Bulkheads could simply be closed off and used as additional "internal armor" so the speak.
Also ships like the Raptor on "Enterprise" had an advanced "coherent molecular alloy" as armor.
Even though that's over 200 years in the past when you combine the two known facts, rather good armor concepts, highly sophisticated internal arrangement and compartmentalization along with your idea of a "Brak'lul"-like redundancy you'd end up with a rather impressive ability to withstand damage.

Another idea I originally came up with for a Gorn "armored cruiser" concept that was pretty much ignored was an ability I called "enhanced molecular cohesion" that allowed energy to be projected onto the hull to increase its resistance to damage but also fuse hull breaches together and thus regenerate the hull over time.
It would probably work with the "coherent molecular alloy" on a Klingon ship as well.