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08-01-2011, 05:36 AM
Originally Posted by GreatBriton
Well, I certainly wasn't implying that advance shielding aren't outside the abilities of Klingons ("Suspicions", as you say, is a good example of evidence for Klingon technological expertise). However, I think in order to have a more Klingon flavour for any potential 'ship class specific super-skill', something other than a weapon would give the ship a more unique shelf space.
I didn't think you did imply that.
You don't strike me as the "Klingons are just boom,boom" but as someone genuinely interested in a cool and interesting faction with capabilites that fit the flavour.
Which is why I mentioned the part about the compartmentalization.
Because your idea fits that pretty well and I like the "emphasis on hull" approach.
I just wanted to point out that even though my idea essentially went into the opposite direction I also used a piece of equipment from 'Trek as a basis that had involved a Klingon to show that on some level we seem to think alike even when the result is completely different.

And on the bright side even when we don't manage to get an idea out that makes everyone snap his fingers and shout "That's it! That's it!" every concept we have has a chance to be revisited when ideas for other special abilites for other ships (Federation, Klingon, Romulan, True Way) are needed.
As you pointed out, the shield idea might suit another faction a bit better.
And maybe the gravitiy waves of an artificial Quantum Singularity can be hernessed in a way to make the shields resistant to large and powerful kinetic impacs for a few critical seconds.

So in any case this brainstorming is no wasted time for me even if we don't come to an agreement.
And it's still fun.

Originally Posted by GreatBriton
As for your 'enhanced molecular cohesion', one could say that Hazard Emitters already cover that in all but name. I know they certainly cover my own fan-fic automatic hull repair mechanic back in the day when I actually had time to sit down and write...!
I could never wrap my mind around the concept of this "Hazard Emitter" thingy.
Mainly because the Halon console implies the system is basically a gigantic fire extinguisher in space.
Anyway you seem to have missed the second half of that idea.
The enhance molecular cohesion also reduces damage taken by the hull.
Even though not particularly creative either it would mean the ability combines aspects of Hazard Emitters and Polarize hull, just without the clear ability of Hazard and without the Tractor counter of Polarize.
And regularly you can't use both skills together because of their shared cooldown.
If this idea fails here, maybe the Cardassians who seem to build their ships out of some of the sternest stuff among the major powers could use this ability.:p