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08-01-2011, 06:40 AM
Originally Posted by Artificialx
2xCRF 1 + APB 2/3
2xAPB 1 + CRF 2/3

I have run both setups, but to be frank, I often struggle to distinguish the difference. I guess I could just sit down and do some testing, but I was hoping maybe someone here has the answer already. I would be interested in how it affects both burst and long term damage. I just wish the stats were directly comparable, but one is percent and one is a number, and I honestly don't understand enough to compare.

Please no comments on run omega instead or something like that, I'm just asking about the above comparison for now.
From a strictly numeric standpoint, look at it this way, all the higher level APB's will do for you is increase your bleedthrough a bit, so long as your target has at least a sliver of shields remaining. Once their shields are down, you'll get a bigger return from the higher-level APB's.

On the flipside, that extra +10/20% damage modifier from CRF2/3 (as compared to CRF1) gives you increased damage against both shields and hull, and the additional 10/20% damage is roughly comparable to the difference in bonus damage against hull from APB2/3 (as long as your target has pre-existing damage resistance of some kind).

The one are where the higher level APB's are most beneficial is when stacked with other sources of DR de-buffs, whether it is FoMM or Sensor Scan (as the primary examples), because the multiplicative effect of DR de-buffs is magnified, the greater your negative resistance is compared to their usual resistance.

Perhaps the biggest argument against the higher level APB's, however, is actually the simplest one: With the prevalence of Tactical Team (especially on enemy Escorts), the APB de-buff is frequently wiped away without any effect, while the bonus damage of CRF2/3 cannot be countered by the most prevalent low-level Tac power in-game.

Hope that helps,
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