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08-01-2011, 08:56 AM
Winner takes all is no good, but there should be added incentives for winners (expanding the number of completions, new missions, new accolades, etc) that are tired directly to winning. Any pay outs really should take into account more than simply putting out damage since well timed CC or healing is equally important. There is precedent in all sorts of PvE modes for people get rewards, including nice items, so there is no reason that shouldn't be adapted to PvP.

The winning team could get a loot box and everyone could lot or pass during the minute or so after the match. It could include extra money rewards, data samples, equipment, or whatever (just like PvE). PvP's rewards like these, being extra, should probably be tied more closely to success since some folks could use the extra incentive and no one likes leeches.

FvF (and to an extent KvK) needs a reduction in the amount of current rewards, but since that will NEVER fly, FvK should get a significant boost.