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08-01-2011, 08:06 AM
Right now they just need to add the missions tied to PvP, you know like the curretn complete 20 Arenas and get XP, BOff Points. What I propose to add is something similar. Win X amount of Arenas and get extra emblems or level appropriate item. Then add streak mission that would offer similar rewards, except it would be tied to the streak so lets say win 15 games and you win 15 games using five 3 game winning streaks you would get a reward but it would be lower than a person involved in three 5 game winning streaks, then maybe a purple item or drop for winning 15 in a row. These things can be over time or daily. And only available for non custom PvP matches to avoid abuse. I know that this may be a sore point for the PvP community but I think it would be fair and promote public queuing