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08-01-2011, 08:35 AM
That is, of course, your opinon that you are free to express.
And I don't pray for anything for this game, since no Deity will make it better.
Besides, with all 6 of my guys, XP is the least of the issues after a year and a half of play.
My first guy hit lvl cap in 28 days after launch with nothing but PvP, back when it was easy to get.
And of course I don't think Cryptic should pay everyone, I think you missed the point.
If anyone can make missions on a regular basis, why can't Cryptic?
And I was referring to the dozens of others who have said if you want new content, use the foundry, when I mentioned "the saving grace".
Enjoy being creative, the rewards for your efforts are all yours.
I shall not participate while players are the only source of new content we've seen in months.
My time is mine to do with what I want, just as yours is.
Enjoy it as I do.