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I only played KDF for over a year and recently decided to roll a Fed-toon.

What I was immediately surprised by, was the low, and I mean low XP points given out for missions, some little more that 16 points. Although there are far more mission to choose from I experienced two things - one, there was hardly any massive XP boosts given like with KDF when you first run the Az. Nebula (Romulan) etc, and others for the first time. You find XP ranging anywhere from 500 XP upwards. Sometimes as high was 1000 XP.

Considering that you if you run these on elite, and attack only heavy targets e.g in Chos Nebula you have to destroy 10 - 12 ships (can't remember exact number), that's an additional 12 - 23 XP per ship. So each time you literally gain a complete level. In Federation play, I have yet to experience anything similar, save for the episode missions.