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I was doing a relief effort mission in the Epsilon Hydri K962-Gamma within the Arucanis Arm. I was asked to deliver 10 provisions to the planet within that system. I delivered them the provisions but found I had only delivered 5. I had to go out and purchase more from a cargohold ship in the Sirius Block and purchased 15 expecting to have 10 left when I delivered the final 5 out of 10 that was requested. When I delivered the 5 they instead took 10 leaving me with 5, Ignoring the fact that I had just recently gave them 5. Why is that? Is it a bug or something I should expect every time I do these types of missions? If I chose "Not Now" and went and got the amount they asked for (leaving the system) could I return and give it to them or is it one of those "you got to have it at the right time, right place" sort of deals?