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08-01-2011, 03:24 PM
Originally Posted by MajorFury View Post
1. Science Fleet should be brought in-line with tac and engineer fleet.

2. I am tempted to suggest that maybe APB and FoMM apply a debuff to shields as well as hull before we "nerf" shield resist stacking? Its a thought at least. Sometimes easier to give then to take the pve crowd will be less prone to cry.

3. And I still would like to see extend shields re-worked. I would suggest lowering the range, applying some type of "penalty" to the caster while it is being channeled, and/ or making it go away if the range between caster and target is exceeded.
Like no other shield buffs/regens/or resists while up. I mean right now you cannot RSP while ES why make so you cannot EPtS, TSS, RSF while ES. Of course you could receive them but in effect you would be locked out from those skills on your power bar.

Cryptic please actually balance the turning of the ships. Yeah yeah I know the raptor has the same turn rate as non defiant/MVAM/BoP escorts but does it really. Either have all the ship classes have their own turn points based on dead center or put the actual turn rate with the compensation for geometry in each ships specs. Fed ships turn axis is closer to center then KDF ships.

Pengs and things like it please I would much rather get a weak reward that is niche than an OP'd one that rules all. It is always easier to buff than to nerf. Putting things live that are OP'd only cause more grief because while the PvP community is small its vocal so we are easy to ignore but if you put something OP and the PvE community assimilates it into their immersion they sure as hell are going to get louder than any one in the PvP community. So putting something weak live is preferable to something buffed because people take the buffed for granted so once you take that away it is like a drug. Rememebr some of the QQ for old RSP on how the servers would crash and all the angels would cry because of the nerfing of such an OP'd defensive skill.