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08-01-2011, 03:51 PM
Yes! Let's have a productive discussion. So we're not talking about the clearly broken stuff so I won't comment on SS III, Peng, or FAW (Which is sorta fixed? But still better than BO so yah...). Obviously we're all going to talk about thing's we'd personally enjoy, but hopefully thing that will help the game overall.

I agree that Ability Stacking should probably go away, ie APB I, II, & III. Use the best of whatever, but I think that should stick to the specific named ability. So APB III and APD III would still stack (Obviously it would take a coordinated effort from two team members to fire off both at once). Reason being it would encourage team members to build ships that compliment each other. For example since I prefer to heal/buff my team mates I run APD since they tend to run APB themselves (And I grant the APD to my team mates).

Applying this to heals is I think a more complicated issue. Let's say two team mates heal one ship. Perhaps the HP healing from both should apply, but the resistance buff should only apply from one of the two (Whichever is the better resistance).

Be it debuffs or buff, the system I think should not automatically favor version III over version II. Granted that would be the simple way to do it, but I think it would be better if it favored which ever had the better stats. True most of the time it will be the version III skill, but suppose someone who puts no training into HE uses HE III and their ability stats are actually worse than someone with HE II fully trained and higher aux? I think in that case version II should be favored since it has a better proc.


Shield resists are indeed imbalanced at the moment and should be looked into. Making it so they can't stack up to such a high resistance would work I think. Heck I can get up to 85% resistance on my cruiser (For a limited period of time), and I'm an engineer!

Moving on to something I'd like to see in turn though, and this may be a bit controversial for PvPers. But I'd actually like to see it be easier to hull tank. Right now shields are king, granted if shield resistance was lowered that would change things, but hull is overall rather weak. A lot of this is due to powers like ATB/APD/APO but those powers just don't effect shields the way they do hull. And even without them (As they are easy enough to clear with Tac Team), 50,000 hull on a cruiser goes away ALOT faster than 5,000 on a shield facing. Now I'm not saying I want it to take as long to kill 5,000 hull as it does now to kill 5,000 shield... but personally I would like to see hull tanking become more viable than it currently is for those who spec into it (Like I do on my cruiser, but not on my BoP).

Perhaps this could be accomplished by having the ship skills add a little bit more passive resistance to hulls (Nothing crazy though)...


As someone else already mentioned, detecting cloak can be a pain. Though most players invest 0 skills into Sensors in any regard, I'd be ok with Cloak detection being a lil easier than it is now. I'm not really sure how to do it though, right now you need to be in a Nebula and be a Science Captain to be able to reliable detect cloaked ships.

I'm not really sure how to handle this though. Heck I remember when cloaked ships showed up on the minimap... Perhaps uncloaked ships could get a passive 15% bonus to cloak detection (The idea being that they can use active sensors to look for cloaked ships). Something both factions could use, but only when uncloaked.


Those are the big things for me, beyond that I would say remove Scorpion Fighters, Deuterium, and make carriers have fewer pets (Especially fighters) but make them equally stronger and do more damage to make up for it (Purely due to client lag, not to nerf them).