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08-01-2011, 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by havam
*starts digging the whole*

PuGs n Premades will never be on the same playing field, the question is who benefits most from resits and heal stacking? The gamedesign does its part to tip things towards a certain sense of balance.

If two copies of TSS no longer stack, I can design my 5 man team around this problem. Era gets ES1-3, Trin HE1-3 etc, ...
A pug, however, could never hope to match that. Each member would bring a fairly similar mix of TT, EptS, ET etc. Wouldn't we effectively punish them for sharing heals, while granting premades even more powerful copies of the same abilities?

I for one would be weary of such a change.

*flame suit on*

To be clear, I still think Science Fleet needs a balance pass vis a vis the others.
Well as it is now, that's how it is done for debuffs. One team member uses APB III, another APB II, and another APB I and they stack. But if they all use APB III then they don't stack. The idea is that if APB I, II, & III are all cast one on target then only the strongest debuff sticks and the others fade away.

Similarly with Heals, HE I and HE III wouldn't stack (Atleast the buff in my few) while the pure hp healing from HE I & HE III or even HE III & HE III would still stack (Just not the bonus resistance, you only get whichever is highest).