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Originally Posted by ZATZAi View Post
As someone else already mentioned, detecting cloak can be a pain. Though most players invest 0 skills into Sensors in any regard, I'd be ok with Cloak detection being a lil easier than it is now. I'm not really sure how to do it though, right now you need to be in a Nebula and be a Science Captain to be able to reliable detect cloaked ships.

I'm not really sure how to handle this though. Heck I remember when cloaked ships showed up on the minimap... Perhaps uncloaked ships could get a passive 15% bonus to cloak detection (The idea being that they can use active sensors to look for cloaked ships). Something both factions could use, but only when uncloaked.
There has been ideas posted on the forums for cloak detection they just been lost over the year so no one has ever develped them. Im not going to clog this page going into detail on all the ideas.

One of the simple ideas was a mine layer that you would equip during PVP each mine would have a 15m -20m range totally destroyable but if someone invested abilitys you could create a huge early warning net.

Simply clicking the scan button has also been suggested It would give you a radar so you detect all cloaked ships out to 20m for 1 second.