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08-01-2011, 05:55 PM
Dunno about a Guide but Emitters go with the Hazard Emitters Bridge Officer Skill which is a powerful Hull healing ability which grants a resistance bonus as well and can target you or friendlies.

Expose refers to a ground attack or effect that makes the target open to attack. There will be an orangish red swirl on their body to indicate their exposed state. Once exposed an "Exploit" attack will deal them MASSIVE damage.

Spatial Anomaly? Well the ones you scan give you Data samples needed in crafting but I suspect you are talking about skills or Deflectors that add to them. Spatial Anomalies come in two major forms of Science Bridge Officer Abilities: Tyken's Rift (a very powerful energy draining AoE attack), and Gravity Well ( A decent AoE Tractor Beam/Kenetic Damage Effect... Think Weak Blackhole.)