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# 17 profhat
08-01-2011, 06:48 PM
VA1 tac, GAL-X ; 2x beam array, 1x dual beam bank, 1x plasma torp, fwd ; 2x beam array, 1x plasma torp, 1x tricobalt torp aft, add vent warp plasma1. the thing to remember is it will never out turn an escort, don't even try, cloak [it has that remember?] pop weapon batt get close 4 or 5 km, drop cloak , lance, warp plasma bath, tricobalt on auto fire, hyd1 plasma torp also on auto fire , all do major dmg to anything not fast enough to manuver out of the way. works best on cruisers or larger targets, NOT CUBES ; any thing smaller than cruisers, same thing ,no lance, torp sprd 1 from fwd. you are resrticked to an lt tac and an ensign tac for boffs , that is the weakness you hav to work around, boff tac space pwrs; BFW1 HYD1 SPRD2