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08-01-2011, 06:49 PM
1: The limits on Geometry (Space) or the limits on Environment (Ground) In Space, you can't go at a straight up or down Z axis. Meaning you can't point your ship directly up or directly down and fly in that direction, you have to go at an angle. In ground, there is no Swiming, no really good obsticals for environment. Heck It would be kind of interesting to find a world that's all water and have a fire fight under water. I'm sure our weapon tech can handle such things.

2: Lack of Dimishing Returns or Complete Limits on powers used in team PVP. There are so many powers that, by it's self works fine, but when there's 2+ copies of the same abilities being used, it starts to break game balance.

3: PVE vs PVP Balances and items. There is always, obviously going to be more focus on the PVE side of the game, yet when they bring something out that in PVE is great, it always seems to have a negative impact on PVP. The most recient examples of this was the Ground changes (The Shot Gun) and the Har'peng Torpedos. They are great in PVE.. but in PVP, they were completely out of balance. They fixed the bugs with the Har'peng..