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08-01-2011, 09:25 PM
Originally Posted by KamikazKid
There are no words to describe how stupid idea 2 is. You realize the healing in this game is low, the reason people don't insta-die like they used to is because resist stacking is a good thing. It gives PuGs a fighting chance against concentrated DPS. I don't want cross-healing returned to worthlessness. There are plenty of teams who have worked hard to get good at cross healing, stacking resists, and working together. I would hate to see that ruined by people like you who don't seem to understand you can't nerf teamwork. The second you nerf healing, dps teams will be back with a vengeance & you'll be back here crying about being one-shotted by 5 decloaking birds of prey. It sounds like you want the wheel to come full circle back to buffing tacts/escorts and I want none of that.

That said I think tact team needs a revision, the fact that it distributes shields for you is ridiculous, it has taken the skill out of maneuvering, no one turns their ship to take pressure off a weak shield facing they are distributing to, they just use a tact team & it's all better. It has made the science vessels & escorts as survivable as any cruiser. I'm not even going to mention pengs, mines & SS 3, that's beating a dead horse that really does need a fix. So before you get on your list of fixes, why don't you go ahead & look at the mines issue & the cryptic putting in new ridiculous/broken items thing before you come tell me buff stacking is OP.
Buff stacking isn't OP its lazy... on Cryptics part.
Buff stacking doesn't happen in MMOs in general because its a BAD idea. Cryptic has simply jacked up heal resists because they couldn't figure out how to balance dmg back when the game launched. Your point about making cross healing less effective is correct... Making stacking completely disapear might not be the way to go... diminishing returns might be more the way to go.

Honestly.... I doubt I will be crying when any big bad birds come after me, ever. lol

In any event the point was... what are the 3 issues YOU see with the game. Tac team we can agree on why it lasts 10 seconds who knows... it is more lazy balancing on Cryptics part.

Bottom line we both seem to agree that Cryptic can't balance anything properly. After all the new bugs I ran into in STO tonight... I don't even really care anyway. If its buggy like that when I log in 3 or 4 days from now the CC gets removed, and then people can talk in circles about things Cryptic will never do anyway, sans me.