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08-01-2011, 11:10 PM
Originally Posted by CrustyMac View Post
As a reward for sticking with PvP, I would like one new mission type. Just one. Two would be tremendous. Three would probably kill me with delight.

Basically, the OP is advocating the cutting of rewards in half. At least, I'm on the losing side about half the time, so my rewards would be cut in half. Let's see ..... does that motivate me to play PvP?
No wait maybe I was unclear. I don't want to change the existing reward for the looser at all. If you lose you will still get the same reward as now. Nothing will change for you. BUT if you win you will get an additional item box like you get from Aid the Planet missions or the Foundry daily.

I don't want to take away anything (taking something away is never a good idea as we have experienced some time now). I only want to give the winner a little bit more. Nothing game breaking because as those who get such boxes from time to time know it is pure luck to get something really good. Most of the time it's some green chunk anyway.