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I have a VA tact officer that use to have dual and dual heavy AP cannons with a Quantum torpedoes in the fore. I spec out in AP and Quantum's. My tactical consoles are for AP and cannons (2 for AP's and 2 for cannons although I I have changed it around on numerous occasions). I have the Defiant retro fit class tactical ship so when I de-cloak i fire and I am lucky if I get the enemy shields all the down on the first volley and yes my power level is to attack setting. I have a Resilient Mk XI shield array with consoles that help with the shield capacity and regeneration rate. Same class ship decloaks and takes me out in less than a volley and the same incident occurs with my Sci and Eng class VA characters as well. I have respeced and tried other forms of weaponry such as phasers and the likes without success. Can anyone tell me how I can achieve the same results as others in pvp because I really don't have much of a defense against it.
Funny thing happened the other day. I was separated from my fleet group and ended up going against my fleet mates with a team that we were owning every round. Since our fleet always uses vent my fleet leader designated me as primary... funny right. But to get to the point. I was on my eng in my escort engaged with my fleet leader (Tac, escort) and a fleet admiral (eng, cruiser) we all use multiple tac teams and hazard immiters. Anyways I was engaged with the tac but watching the cruiser as soon as cruiser hit his tac team I knew I had time to blow him up so I switched to him on his non buffed shield side. Next thing I heard is someones got me from the eng, then son of a #$@#% when he went boom. I was laughing so hard my fleet leader blew me up.

Tac teams are what you are probably lacking they buff the shield face taking damage. but dont use eng teams with tac teams since they share a global cooldown.