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08-02-2011, 07:22 AM
For defence: use emergency power to shields / tac team, hazard emitters / polarize hull etc. Always keep on moving, never stop (it's better to reverse).
For offence: never rush into combat. Wait for your weapon energy to regenerate to 125, preload your HY torp. Watch the target's buffs and pick the right moment (no EPtS, Sci Fleet, Extend Shields etc.). Fire your buffs (go down fighting, tac fleet, attack patterns). Then decloak, use rapid fire with your cannons, launch torpedo, throw in a beam overload 3 (use a dual beam bank). Watch the explosion and run. Timing is the key.

Resilient Mk XI shield array with consoles that help with the shield capacity and regeneration rate.
Get a borg set and use it with a Covariant Mk XI w/Cap^2 or take a full Aegis set. Drop the regen console and use an EPS or armor or RCS, whatever you like.