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# 1 How do I redeem...
08-02-2011, 09:40 AM
Hello. I am a returning captain after being away since about a month after the game's launch. I made a new character and I am wondering how I can redeem my special items for my new character. These are my activated features:
  • Star Trek Online Open beta access
  • Star Trek Online - Preorder
  • Star Trek Online - Digital Deluxe

I am able to access the STO uniforms (though I am rather peeved I have to pay extra for a science combadge and medical outfit from the STO set), the joined trill, and the NX ship registration. I cannot remember what else there is other than the Chromadic (so?) armor, and the automated defense turret that does plasma dmg. I can't seem to redeem those for my new character, or more accurately, figure out how to do it. Also, is there an item I am forgetting?