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08-02-2011, 10:46 AM
Originally Posted by TheQuestKnight
Sorry if these have been asked a million times - I'm having trouble narrowing my search wording and getting updated info. If someone can be kind enough to answer a few questions,

1. Is there a way to see the quest rewards after you take the quest? I tried bringing up the quest text, hailing starfleet, but they all end with the green text that states the objective and no list of rewards. I feel like I'm totally missing something easy lol. After picking up a bunch of quests, I'd like to prioritize, i.e. get my bridge officers filled out first, then move on, etc.

2. With the defend the sector Tour Of Duty quests, how do I get credit for the "enemy signal contact?" I've gone into the encounter solo and with others in the zone, blown a bunch of enemies up, but it seems random on when I get the 3/3 credit filled. Again, feel like I'm missing something obvious.

3. Is the TOS C-Store Enterprise just a low level ship that gets replaced after you level up? I really like this game more than I thought and as a fan of TOS I'd love to fly around in that classic design, but can't justify paying real money for the ship and bridge pack if it's just eye candy after the low levels.

1. Sorry, not sure about that.

2. One thing that can happen with Deep Space Encounters is kind of a cooldown timer that prevents people from doing nothing but grinding DSE's. Once someone has completed a DSE, that DSE is on cooldown for about 5 minutes. You can remain in the DSE and you still get skill points for blowing up ships, but it won't count against the number of ships you need to destroy or complete a sector defense mission. I generally avoid these, so someone else may have better information.

3. Yes, the TOS Enterprise is only a Tier 1 ship. You might get away with flying it as a Lieutenant Commander if you're not doing Space PvP and you aren't playing at a higher difficulty, but I don't really recommend it. Lt. Cmdr's should be in Tier 3 ships.

That said, if you're into TOS role-play it would probably be a must-buy. The TOS bundle includes a TOS ship interior that's a bit more functional than the regular ship interiors. I think there may be TOS RP groups, but can't point you at any of them.