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08-02-2011, 11:03 AM
Originally Posted by rencal1975 View Post
Hello STO community,

I just wanted to comment that I've returned after 1 year to check up on this game. I played it at launch and was very dissatisfied with the game because it didn't feel very star trek-y. About 2 weeks ago I felt the urge to play another MMO and figured I would check out STO to see how its grown....

WOW! What a difference from launch! The game has definitely turned around big time and I'm having a blast. I definitely see myself playing this for the next 90 days or so. I'm about to hit 11 finally since my playtime is somewhat limited to night time, but looking forward to my next ship.

I should probably start looking for a fleet... I keep getting these random invites for fleets, but I don't really like joining random fleets/guilds lol. So if anyone wants basically a new player to join their Fleet, please shoot Gotrain a tell or mail in game. So far the solo pve aspect of the game is straight forward, but I am curious about grouping and how it works in space. But if you don't mind a new player who plays somewhat casually within your fleets ranks, I'll be more than happy to join.
I'm also a casual nighttime player (married dad with 4 boys), so I can relate. I'd be happy to help you experiment with teams or whatever, if we're both on together. You can send me a Friend invite in-game, or I'll send you one. (Let's see who gets online to play first!)

Federation Reborn is a small, casual-friendly fleet. We operate on the principles of Friendship, Freedom, Fun, and Fair-Play. You play the way you want to, as long as you're friendly and fair. You don't have to join the fleet forum, wear the fleet uniform, donate to the fleet bank, or do anything else you don't want to do. Alts are welcome.

In fact, you don't even have to join us. I have a standing offer to train BO's for free for any player character Lt. Cmdr or below, any skill I can train. You can also visit our fleet forum as a guest: