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08-02-2011, 12:07 PM
I take them all pretty darn easily as it is. The only one I've found to be a decent challenge is the big carrier.

For the Cruisers, head to head at full throttle. Science Team takes care of their little power drain. Rip their forward shields down and cram in a 'peng or quantum on high yield. Pass right over them and pop the warp plasma, which sticks 'em in place and starts dealing damage. Turn either port or starboard, hitting their side shields with broadside beams, a second torp shot is usually enough to do the rest.

For the Frigates, Polarize Hull neutralizes their only really effective weapon. They're just pests after that.

It's a rare occasion that I'm in a fight with any one grouping long enough to bring a second grouping down on me. If it turns into a furball this ol' bucket of bolts can hold her own.

Just curious... what kind of ship are you flying? I could see your tactics being most valid for someone in an escort who can't take much punishment and relies on weapons buffs to get the job done.