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08-02-2011, 12:58 PM
Hi Sand,
Well, I like the Tactical Escort Refit. I use it, and personally, I think that AP aren't worth the skill points you put into them. I would stick to phasers, and put your skill points into something that will make your power lvls higher, or make your Sci abilities better. I personally use 4 DHC right now, but am thinking about going to 3 DC, and 1 quantum. Make sure that everything is Mk XI rare, and very rare.

This is what I do in my ship:

I fly up behind someone, hit all my abilities. APO 3, CR 2, TT3, Tactical Fleet, Fire on My mark, & APA 3. (This will change when I start using quantums)
Decloak, hit my tractor beam (Full Borg set) and fire. someone who doesn't know what they are doing will be dead in 10 seconds.

For Bridge officer abilities, I would do EPtS 1 & 2. Polarized Hull 1, and Hazard Emitters 2. Put a Halon System in your Sci console, as that will effect your PH, and HE.

Make sure that you use at least 1 if not 2 EPS flow regulators.
Get rid of one of the quantum consoles. only use one. Put another cannon in there since that is your main weapon. I would also recommend 3 turrets in your aft, or 2 turrets, and a cloaking tractor mine. Depends on your play style. Hope this helps.