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For those of us that play both the Federation Faction and the Klingon Empire Faction it is easy to see that the Klingon Empire is getting the short end of the stick on Star Trek Online. In Cryptic's defense only about 12% of the Star Trek Online audience plays the Klingon faction, so it is understandable for them to focus on the majority of there audience's game play.

I would like to propose to cryptic that they consider using some story lines that have already be nested in Star Trek Online to expand the Klingon Faction.

Some of you might not like what I am going to propose and I understand that.

During the last featured series we were given a few leads on possible story lines that might follow in the future.

1.) The Federation has only pledged minimal support for the Reman Rebels, but the Klingon Empire has formed an "Alliance".

2.) From data that you can read while doing the "Enemy Mine" episode, you can see that the True Way is seeking assistance from the Kllingon Empire. And that the current Cardassian government is attempting to get a motion passed to ask for Federation Membership.

My Proposal:

Have the True Way form an alliance with the Klingon Defense Forces, add them as a playable race, and allow players to wear Cardassian Uniforms and use Cardassian ships at the Commander level and up.

Re-tool the current missions that involve the True Way so that faction is now the Obsidian Order, Have the True Way have political advisers on Qo'nos like the Gorn currently do. The Obsidian Order can be a 3rd Cardassian Faction that both the Federation and the Klingons fight. The Obsidian Order could be working with the Dominion, and the True Way be working with the Klingons, and the rest of the Cardassians are working with the Federation.

Have Cardassia become a provisional member of the Federation, allow Federation faction players to play as Cardassians, they just wont have access to the Cardassian Ships, weapons, or Armor.

Have the Klingons promise the True way to give them self rule of Cardassian space once it is retaken in exchange for there help during this conflict and for them joining under the flag of the Empire.

Next, have the Reman Rebels join the Klinong Defense Forces, add them as a playable race, and allow players to wear Reman Uniforms, and use "Some" Reman ships at the Captain level and up.
Do not give access to all the ships maybe just two like the scorpion fighter and the Reman Escort.

The integration of these new parts of the Empire would be interesting and could lead to some very fun story lines, you could have the Remans who do not want to fight the Federation since they want to focus on the Romulans, and you could have the Trueway Cardassians bumping heads with the Klingons at every turn and some might be working with the Obsidian Order to find a way to use the Klingons to restore the Cardassian Union.

Be restrictive with the Reman ships since we might have a Romulan faction one day on Star Trek Online, which would allow that faction to have "Enslaved Reman" officers and such similar to how there are Joined Trill on the KDF side and just Trill on the Federation side.

If you added the Reman Rebels and the Cardassian True Way to the Empire it would be an infusion of possible content and conflicts for the Empire.

Also if you have the True Way join the Empire you could scale down the DSE's that involve the Mirror Universe and replace them with Klingon ships and Reman ships, since the Mirror Universe appears to be overused in the game. ( They are fun to play but they should be more of a series not an everyday thing )

You could also open up "The Vault" to Klingon, Reman, and Cardassian players as a hub for them in that sector, like SB 39 is for the Federation. ( Have missions were you have to protect it from both Romulan Forces and Federation Forces )

And just think those players that want to play as Cardassians with Cardassian ships and play as Remans with Reman ships will play as the KDF for now which will get more players interested in the Empire and help sway that 12% level to something much higher.