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08-02-2011, 06:20 PM
Im gonna say yes,

Is it hideous....YES

Is it an odd looking kitbash that really seems to be struggling for its own Identity...YES

Would I love to see it in game...YES

Why? Because I would love to see all trek ships shown in the shows make it into the game. I think a really cute idea would be to take those horrendous kitbashes from DS9 and relase them as a Ds9 Kitbash Bundle ( 'Ugly Ship Bundle' ) in the C-Store as costumes for the ships that they were kitbashed from. To give us some more freedom in our design efforts to personalize our ships as we level up....

That way we even forgo the usual T5 yes or no debacles too

I really did like the Centaur and like how its a tier one ship, made sense....I think the other Kitbashes should be costumes to either play them as they are at the level they fit the class (For the Excelsior kitbashes limit them to the T3 )

-shruga- Just an idea....I think they work better as costumes as opposed to real ships that need to be in th egame like the Ambassador and Norway classes.