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08-02-2011, 06:57 PM
Originally Posted by jacksparrowjive55 View Post
This game has not received any official new mission content in the last FIVE MONTHS. In that time period, the Foundry has been the only source of new missions coming into the game, even though they arent official missions. S4 broke the Foundry, and there are still a ton of missions that are broken. So not only have the Devs not added any new missions to the game in an obscene amount of time, they also broke the only system that was adding new missions to the game.
Unfortunately, it seems every time, thus far, that Cryptic releases a new season, the STO game experience is severly altered for the worse for a couple months until all the bugs are fixed. I have gotten so use to this, that when I was playing more regularly I would often play a couple times after the new season to ensure my assumption was right, and then wait to play the new content months later, so not to be constantly frustrated by the poor STO gaming experience, of having new conent at the expense of old content not working.