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08-02-2011, 10:02 PM
I would like to see the Yeager/Intrepid as a Tier 4 Escort. I want to fly a different ship than a Defiant class at captain. In one or two episodes, it has been mentioned that hte Intrepid was suppose to be a warship/battleship. By making the Yeager variant an escort, it would at least partially pay lip service to these lines spoken on screen.

For graphics, I want to see three major variants:
Deflector DIshes: Galaxy, Intrepid, and Ambassador/Excelsior
Warp Pylons: Downward and forward swept(the one seen on screen); Upward and forward swept; finally upward and back swept.
Naccelles: Intrepid, Galaxy, and Excelsior. All MUST be scaled correctly.

The Dual beam banks and Dual Heavy Cannons should project their fire from the cannon numbs on the naccelles, rather than the sides of the saucer.