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08-03-2011, 01:11 AM
i love how these Reviewers always ignore the difficulty options.

one of my MAJOR gripes about the game when it launched was that it was mind numbing easy.
there was no challenge at all.

for them to completely ignore that a GAME is only fun if you are challenged by it says a lot about these reviewers gameplay style...

if you are not punished, then there is no joy in beating the enemy. (when was the last time you said "yeah i did it!" after destroying ...a Borg Cube? ...a Breen Ship ...?...?...? )
half the time STO feels like "cleaning up the place" ...instead of "epic ship combat"

add to that, that ground combat for some odd reason usually is a lot harder then space... well at least i die a lot more on ground because my health is depleted a lot faster.