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08-03-2011, 04:06 AM
Originally Posted by NeilCell View Post
Uhhh...yes you can. It is called Computer Generated Graphics. Once the model frame is made, you can change it by smothing rough areas. Also, with a good programer, you can chop off sections, or add other polygons extrapolated from a surface.
No you cant. You eighther didnt read my post or didnt understand it.
If you put a vehicle together wich is a VW Golf in the front and the rest is an Aircraft carrier ist wouldnt fit eighther, no matter how great "Computer generatet" that is. It are simply parts that do not match.

Even at the long distance-shots of the yaeger you could see that, a model that works for closeups if you call them "Computer gerneratet model" or not, simply it technicly not possible to do.