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Originally Posted by Zodi-emish
Sorry I have to nerd on you for a minute.

At least one unnamed Constitution-class vessel participated in the Battle of Wolf 359 in 2366. Wreckage of the vessel or vessels was seen there as the USS Enterprise-D passed through the "grave yard" of ships that were defeated in the battle. (TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II")


( Granted what it came down to was the fact that they used the prop for it, but still. as the canon rules go. if it is on screen.. even for a second. it is canon. don't blame me. blame the canon rules. )
That is true, I remember seeing the engineering section floating in space after the battle. This was however, just one ship. Its possible that it may have been one of the last in service. We saw lots of Excelsior-class ships during TNG, and during the Dominion War.