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08-03-2011, 08:55 AM
Originally Posted by minionsoldier View Post
Hi everybody last night while flying my cruiser (all green equiped by the way ive been working hard on my explorations to gear up) i was noticing that my tetryon cannon equiped galaxy just keeps getting destroyed by defiants and that not fair i tried filling every ability slot with emerg to shield and science team but they keep setting themselves on cd every time i use one and i keep dieing this game is clearly broken and the defiant needs to be nerfed!!! I want my sub fee's back!!!

Nerf defiant !!!!
Please tell me that your joking right, Like it's not bad enough that tac's are relegated to basically 3 ships all escorts if you want to have a Commander ability, now you want to nerf one of them because you haven't learned how to spec your self to be a better tank.