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For those of you wanting to continue the series, Part 3 of my Spawn of Medusa series is back up and working
correctly. Thanks to those of you who have played the other parts and if you wish to continue the story, you can now do so. I have resumed work on Part IV so hopefully that will be out soon, and I plan on it being the best in the story arc so far. Thanks again, I hope you enjoy it

Thanks to the DEVs for getting the Foundry back as well. We appreciate your efforts even though at times we seemed to be getting impatient. Thanks again!

Spawn of Medusa

"A new enemy, an unlikely ally, and a quadrant in peril."

* Any Level
* Mission time: Approx. 1 hour
* Easy Trek Trivia Puzzles
* Space and Ground Battles

Spawn of Medusa II - (Part II - Daughters of Medusa)

Part II is a strong story driven sequel to Spawn of Medusa. Learn more about the history of this new enemy to the alpha quadrant and beyond. Learn the truth of the Klingon link to the Medusik past.

* Level: 16+
* Mission time: Approx. 1 hour
* Medium Level Code-Driven Puzzles
* Space-Driven Battle
* Strong Storyline
* Unique Mission Within a Mission Objectives

Spawn of Medusa III - ( Part 3 - Break from Tradition )

With the Klingons losing ground to the Medusas and Medusa Hajora gaining ground in the outer edges of the Federation, Join Admiral Fedrikson on Sierra Outpost II and try to gain allies from a delegation of Federation enemies. The time to act is now or all may soon be lost.

*Level 16+
*Space and Ground Battles
*Prime Numbers Puzzle
*Dialogue Rich Storyline.