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08-03-2011, 11:33 AM
correct, you get an ITEM that you can *use* and then you get a little icon that counts down the 1hr or 8hr buff.

but honestly, don't waste money on that stuff.

it's only a 20% boost (that is XP reward x 1.20 )

that means if you take a 1 hour buff you get XP like you played 1 hour and 12 minutes

an 8 hr buff gives you a bonus as if you played 96 minutes longer

but that is if you are constantly earning XP in that time without slowing down.
fly back only once to ESD and clean your inventory for 15 minutes and your Bonus is waisted.

Also we already had 2 Q weekends with 200% XP Buffs and the Borg Invasion's that will come *soon* will have a 500% XP buff for the mission. There is really no need to buy these from the C-Store.

ALSO you can buy the same XP Buffs on the Exchange for Energy Credits and you can email them to any of your chars. (so buy it on a rich char and send it via mail to a new char of yours).