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Originally Posted by 360Frostt View Post
I think it's the Tier 2 BoP Qul'dun?

And the Veteran Chariot is also in Ent.'s_starship
The Qul'dun is more like a step between the B'rel and the BoP from "Enterprise" actually.

It has the front section of the B'rel and only the familiar pair of disruptors on the wings
but it also has the same oval structure that on the 22nd century BoP sits between the nacelles.
From the aestetic point of view I would have preferred the Qul'dun at Tier 1 as a stepping stone between
the ancient "Enterprise" BoP and the modern ones and of course the B'rel at Tier 2 instead of Tier 1 as
the lowest "modern"-era BoP.

The Chariot is actually a more interesting one.
It started out as the shuttle/Runabout Klang crashed at Broken Bow on "Enterprise" but it was not shown there.
It was later reused as a freighter with a few changes.
The version we have ingame is of course the shuttle version even though most people will always connect it to the larger and more prominently featured incarnation from Ent:Bounty".
You can read a bit more about that here: