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08-03-2011, 07:54 PM
Originally Posted by Walshicus
allowing a TOS era ship to compete on par with TNG+ ship degrades the IP further.
The IP was degraded the moment they allowed the TOS constitution to be flown in the first place. And allow everyone to dress up in hodge podge out of era uniforms.

You land in Spacedock and see people wearing a rainbow of uniforms that don't even come close to the uniformity that starfleet displayed in the shows.

Allowing someone to fly any old ship they like at the end-game is no different than letting someone wear any old uniform, including villainous Mirror Universe uniforms, at end-game.

I simply don't understand why it's ok to run around in a MU bikini top, but not ok to do so from the bridge of a TOS Constitution with a slightly more interesting BOFF layout than it has at T1.

Canon integrity? They tossed that out the airlock in beta.

This is clearly a CBS decision and it's unlikely to change,
As I stated, if players keep asking for it (and they will), there's a pretty good chance it can and will be changed.